Wednesday, October 03, 2007

9-30-07 Ripple Stitch
Today I was at a show up in NY. The judge was AMAZING. Very knowledgeable about the breed and wanting to learn more. Of course there were the usual cast of village idiots who usually get away with their crap because most judges either don't know, don't care or both. This guy asked a specific question and much to the dismay of said village idiots I was there to give him an answer. Not a slam on a person or animal, but information. Of course they had to go over and 'set him straight' about what a meanie I am no doubt. I don't really care for my sake but it's happenings like this that keep my animals home instead of at the shows.

10-1-07 Polperro-Northcott
Generally, I distinctly do NOT like this sort of stitch but today I was in search of order and predictability. Today (Monday) my pal Judy came over to learn about judging as I do and we had such a great gab-fest. I really need those sometimes. It's equally as healing to hear about her crazy life as it is to talk and sort out my own. I sure wish we lived closer. She's more like the sister I wished my own was. Someone you can act the fool with, say incredibly STUPID crap when you are full of yourself and she just laughs and forgets it ever happened.

10-2-07 Chevron Rib (October 14 in the SAD calendar)
I love this stitch. I have to commit this one to writing or something for a sock in the future.
I FINALLY have a start date for work and a goal date to get stuff done! Yipee! Oct 11 is the big day. I'm a bit nervous but mostly excited. I keep thinking of things around the house that I've wanted to make nicer and Christmas gifts I can buy without guilt this year. My MIL definitely gets something really nice. She's gotten left out the past 2 years because we were so cash poor. I'm honestly not sure what she would like but I know who to ask.